About Us

In some states In the United States of America, some elected politicians and non-elected politicians affiliated with one major party are making laws and election regulations to suppress and undercount black and other minorities’ votes. Some elected politicians affiliated with one major political party are also creating electoral districts electoral redistricting) that are unreasonably favor their party and undercount minority votes to win elections. This kind of voter suppression is systematic elections fraud.

We oppose systematic elections laws and regulations to undercount minority votes, particularly black votes by elected politicians by one major party to stay in power.

It is like a football team making rules of the game to win against the other team in a tournament. It is illegal and non-competitive in the United States to fix the rules for a party for its advantage in sports and in business, except in politics for control of the government, both local, state and federal governments. The people, particularly blacks and minorities, who are directly affected by voter suppression laws and regulations, must demand officials who are responsible for election laws and regulations must demand to count black and minority votes.